The Future of Gaming and why I can’t be a part of it.

I’ve been following the progression and reviews of Diablo 3 with interest, reading about the frustration of the first day launch issues and the mixed responses to the actual gameplay. Following not experiencing I have to say because I will never be able to play a game like Diablo 3.

You see, D3 requires a constant internet connection which takes you to the servers where this game is hosted, forcing you to be online even when you are playing a single-player campaign. Although I would’ve loved to play D3, a game 12 years in the making, my internet is simply too slow and getting a faster connection would be more expensive than one game is worth. This game has begun to prepare gamers for what’s to come with the next generation consoles that we are all waiting for. It is rumoured that both the PS4 and the Xbox720 will require a constant online connection. If that happens, my gaming history – which started with the ancient Nintendo gaming system and evolved through Sega, Gameboys, PSP’s and eventually my PS3 will come to a temporary if not permanent end. You see, I live in a country where the internet is ridiculously overpriced. There are more than a few regions in my country where a good internet connection is near impossible to get. And I won’t be told that I’m the only one as there are quite a few other countries that are far more remote than mine and even a few first world countries were not everybody who games necessarily have a constant internet (and cheap) connection.

In an attempt to thwart the second-hand game trading, the gaming industry has taken the bull by the horns and a taken a step which I consider to be close to CCTV monitoring. If D3 is to be any example, player will be forced to sign a contract that might just require you to call your lawyer and even be limited to what kind of language you can use within the privacy of your own home It all feels too ‘big brother’ for me thank you very much.

For all my previous excitement of the next generation consoles, I feel now as if it’s all moving in a direction I can’t and honestly don’t want to follow. For all their wonder, faster processing units, better graphics and amazing rumoured specifications I see now value in purchasing a product that will not only limit my gaming experience but either force me to spend more money on it than I can afford and ‘share’ my experiences with the unwanted internet. I’ve never liked multiplayer gaming for this exact reason and through these steps I can’t help but feel as if they are trying to force the world into one big sand pit where they can stand over us and control whether or not we can play nicely with the other kids. If we don’t have the right tools, we are simply discarded.

Left out and left behind.


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