Gizmodo’s Joel Johnson melts down for reals, throws tantrum on blog. Internet is not impressed.


Well look at this gem!

“First of all, you probably mean “biased.” Second of all, journalism isn’t a term that means “stories you agree with”. Third of all, fuck you.”

Gizmodo‘s Joel Johnson is mad as hell, and is not going to take it anymo-OK that is a crappy joke but this shit is pure internet Gold!

Yesterday afternoon long time Gizmodo contributor Joel Johnson had a public melt down and thoroughly told off the internet. Apparently he just couldn’t take another anonymous shank towards his journalistic prowess from the nether regions of socially awkward nay-sayers. Popcorn and slurpee recommended for full reading enjoyment.

I have no sympathy for this guy. His job is to get free shit, write about it, and go home and watch G4. License to whine: REVOKED.

Choice quotes are included below for easy browsing. (Here’s the FULL POST if you want it.)

“To be fair, you are very stupid.”

“I know that most of the people attempting to define and discard our opinions have the media comprehension ability of an especially contemplative elk.”

“I do have anger issues, you dumb, cruel,, entitled, tunneled vision shit eaters. My anger issues are with you, because you are so foul, so unable to use the internet as a thoroughfare for human compassion or—Christ—even just a civil conversation.”

This one is awesome…

“And if you’re a twerpy little internet chump trying to decide whether to get into a dick slapping contest on Gizmodo or jerk off to Reddit Gone Wild, you haven’t exactly earned the right to ask others to watch you jerk off about the travails of modern media. Especially not when we own the fucking podium.”


He even goes the for the classic grammar nazi approach. So desperate and trivial!

“And for fuck’s sake, use the right word. “This is the most bias article…” or “How can you be so bias?” is not proper English, even if you typed your response by strategically drooling on each key.”

And then out of left field there’s this bonkers pity play:

“So I was raped when I was a kid by a parent and I wrote about it. In case you’re wondering: It fucking sucked, but I’m much better, thank you.”

WTF Joel?!?!

And of course, when anyone lets the hateful anonymity of the internet goons get the best of them and lash out in such a righteous manner, we all know they’re only opening the door wide open for an even more vigorous lashing.

Choice rebuttals from the reader comments:

“Keep up the good work Joel.”

“I was looking so freaking hard for a typo. Oh well…”


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