Google +1 / +3 vs. Facebook

Google Mancatcher +1/+3 vs. Facebook

Google’s new weapon in the war on social dominance?  Google +1.  Akin to Facebook’s famous “LIKE”, Google +1 will help you share helpful search results with anyone connected in your social network.  This means that if I as Jonathan Nerdtrek happen to find a kick ass article on how to softmod your iPad to play PS2 games while using a Wii remote I can simply +1 the article and it will move up in the search results if you search for something similar and are friends with me on facebook, twitter, or numerous other social networks.  We could even be friends who have each others email account addresses and both use Google!

Even better I can easily SHARE an article with anyone I want simply by clicking SHARE and dropping in a few friends names.  Soon you will have a link to that great article on softmodding your iPad to play PS2 games with a Wii controller in your inbox!

I signed up to beta test and so can you!   If you do sign up please “LIKE” NERD TREK on Facebook and add Jonathan Nerdtrek to your friends.  Then we can share back and forth and perhaps you will share some great articles you find on the web with me!  If you do I will be sure and credit you with the find when I share with my friends.
Thanks for visiting and remember to Google +1 NERD TREK!  🙂

Here’s the link to beta test Google +1:


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