Google +1 is here

As NERD TREK reported in March 2011 Google has been working on a Facebook button copycat project called Google +1.

Now, Google has finally unleashed their Google +1 Facebook look-a-“like”.  If you’re unfamiliar with Google +1 it’s nearly identical in all ways to Facebook’s “like” button except it affects your Google search results based on how many of your friends +1 something.  For example try clicking the +1 at the top of this article and tell a few friends about it.  If they in turn also +1 this page then it will move up the search results in Google when you search for “Google +1”, eventually reaching the top tier if enough people around the world +1 it.

With all the companies jumping on the Facebook “like” button bandwagon it’s not surprising that Google has also created their own version.  The button field has been growing more crowded for years and sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit are long time veterans.

If you have not yet tried Google +1 give it a shot and find out more after the jump.


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