Google Adsense with bbPress forum

Here’s a quick guide on how to integrate Google Adsense with your bbPress forum without much hassle.


1 – Use a FTP program to find the 2 files needed to add your Adsense code. Theses files are header.php and footer.php which should be found within /forum/bb-templates/your template/header.php and forum/bb-templates/your template/footer.php.

2 – Open the header.php file with a text editor like notepad or notepad++ and find the following code:

< div>
<?php search_form(); ?>

< Add Adsense Code Here>

<div id=”main”>

<?php if ( bb_is_profile() ) profile_menu(); ? >

Note: You may want to add <div align=”center”> before the Adsense code, and </div> right after so your ad unit will be centered.

3 – Once you have added the code as above, save the file.

4 – Open the  footer.php file with your text editor and find the following code:

<div id=”footer” role=”contentinfo”>

< Add Your Adsense Code Here >

<p><?php printf(__(‘%1$s is powered by<a href=””> your blog name</a>’),
bb_option(‘name’), “”) ?></p>

<!– If you like showing off the fact that your server rocks –>

5 – Insert Adsense code as above and SAVE your file on the server.


You’re done!  Adsense activated!

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