Google buys Facebook for $35 billion


Search giant Google announced today that they would be purchasing social networking behemoth Facebook. The implications of such a bold and striking move on Google’s part are wide sweeping.  Given that Google is putting itself on the line financially for such a significant purchase price, it must have high hopes that Facebook will be sticking around for quite awhile as compared to social flop myspace.

The move comes after tense negotiations with Darrell Strawberry, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Facebook and Google’s board of directors including  Nicholas Farblewoth and Gene Simmons.  Apparently the two groups bonded after one of them shared a blog article they found amusing on the popular blog NERD TREK.  Darrell said after that it was easy working out the deal.  “Gene is a great guy, plus who can go wrong with someone who has that kind of stage presence?”  Gene responded with a huge grin and offered “Darrell’s the man, and now he works for Google.  We look forward to the future of the internet which we will let Facebook and Google users mold over time to their own tastes and preferences.”

Recently Google introduced it’s +1 similar to Facebook’s “LIKE”, and Google says they have plans of linking the two together so that when your friends like something it is 10 times more likely to pop up on a search.  Other plans are in the works to link Google Search with Facebook to provide a complete user experience for all people on the internet.  Google hopes by 2012 that all internet users are utilizing just a single log in to the internet to access all of their data from personal files to office documents, movies and more!  The future is looking very Google!


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