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Comicon and events like it paved the way for an overall acceptance and admiration for those willing to don costumes and put on make up to play roles outside their ordinary life.  I for one always feel that as soon as the makeup or mask goes on, I really become this other person and adapt a new voice, accent, and mannerisms.  It happens naturally and without any conscious effort, possibly due to my history of running D&D games and acting out the roles of various NPCs since I was eight.

As acceptance of wearing adult costumes spreads and more people feel comfortable donning their otherworldly garb, the costume industry blossoms.  Today I wanted to take the time to sit down with Peter Knutson, of to find out a little bit about him and how he became involved with the industry.

NT: Today we are sitting down with Peter of ““.  So Peter, tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

I began working for about two and a half years ago. My role with the company is community outreach. Since launching the site, our business has quickly become one of the most trusted superhero costume online retailer. We strive to keep our site updated with the latest costume trends and make them available to the public as soon as they arrive at our shipping docks. employs true mature readers and collectors of comic books. We attend the latest superhero movies and have been known to engage in heated debates after the show. Everyone has their opinion on who is the greatest superhero. Fortunately, we are a fan of many comic characters, which allows us to help our customers the way no one else can. Every fan, novice and season alike, is equally important to us.


NT: Any true nerd remembers the comic book that got them started.  What was yours?

As a child I was a dedicated Superman reader. I enjoyed the compelling and riveting storytelling and top-notch artwork. The events in “The Death of Superman” enhanced my interest in the world of comic books. The outstanding storyline spotlights the very reason that Superman is one of, if not the, greatest superhero.  In my opinion, the epic battle between Superman and Doomsday was the highlight of his many adventures in the comics. Superman did not have to do what he did. It was not a sense of duty, it was a choice and what he felt was right.


NT:  Who is your favorite super hero and why?

I would have to say Superman is my all-time favorite superhero. Whenever I entered into a comic books store I found myself heading straight to the Superman section. The Man of Steel’s mythology is interesting and living his life in disguise as Clark Kent was just as exciting to me. Being Clack Kent and working at the Daily Planet is what separated him from a lot of other superheroes. Bruce Wayne’s disguise is Batman, Peter Parker’s is Spiderman, and Barry Allen’s was the Flash. By putting on his business suit, glasses, and top hat he is hiding who he is. Even the way Kal-El acts as Clark Kent is concealing who he truly is.


NT:  What is your favorite comic book series?

The comic book series I remember reading as a child was Batman, the “Knightfall” series. The story line was the best I had read in a long-time. I thought Bane and Azrael were characters who influenced and changed Batman’s life. I believe it was a 19 issue series that ran from early May to October of 1993. I appreciated how the series introduced me to many of Batman’s arch villains. The comic character Bane is of interest to me and I will be sure to follow his story line during the last film of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

NT:  Peter, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us today.  Make sure you check out Peter’s great prices at!  Peter has generously donated a GREEN LANTERN COSTUME to NERD TREK to give away in a contest!  If you would like to enter to win the adult sized GREEN LANTERN COSTUME simply visit NERD TREK on Facebook and “like” us! That’s it, you’re entered to win!  Official Flier and Contest Rules are all listed below, GOOD LUCK!  🙂

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