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On Tuesday November 16th 2010, Entertainment Tonight is showing footage from the Green Lantern live action movie starring Ryan Reynolds.  ET is running a TV spot featuring a “first look” preview of clips from the movie.  I really want to be excited for this movie.  I am torn between the desire to see all the cool things the Green Lantern can do in live action, and the realization that it is a daunting task to convey the complexity of the stories on the silver screen.

Here’s the teaser:

The Green Lantern, as most of you know, is an American (Human) test pilot that receives a green alien ring of intangible power.  This ring can do anything that the wearer wills it to do from manifesting creatures to providing the wearer with flight and forcefields of protection.  There are many Green Lanterns from all over the universe, all with their own rings.  They are like an inter-galactic police force upholding rules of order.  This movie has a plethora of characters and locations, from earth to distant planets and even an alternate dimension.

When I hit play to watch this preview clip I felt like it was Christmas morning and I had a large present in front of me.  The thing with large presents though, is that you imagine how great it could be and it sets you up for possible disappointment.  When the wrapping came off and I was done watching the Green Lantern teaser, I felt like  I had just opened a Costco pack of socks.  Not only was I disappointed, but now I’m not sure I want to open the rest of the presents.  Sure I’m going to, but I’m worried.  I’m sure some people think it looks cool, but I hope they made a mistake by releasing footage that is not yet finished with the CGI work.

Let me break it down…

In this image we can see the power battery that The Green Lantern recharges his ring on, sitting on the coffee table.  I understand the people behind the movie wanting the lantern to look more alien, since it is alien technology.  The original power battery looks like an old railway lantern.  I like the old one, but I can live with the change.  It makes sense.

As for his Green Lantern suit.  I think it looks extremely chintzy.  The monochromatic suit in two different Greens instead of traditional green, black and white…  I knew the suit would be different but this is a huge let down for me.  A cool old school comic book version:

Change the white gloves to green, or even make the majority of the suit green, but to use two greens like that.  I’d prefer to see at least some black with it.  Hopefully they aren’t done with the effects and this is unfinished.

Next picture:

He’s flying through the night sky or outer space.  Either way, it doesn’t look to me as if he is “protected by a force field” like he should be.  It looks like he is steaming on a cold evening while on a vacation in Canada.

Sinestro descending on an unidentified planet.  I like it.  I’m OK with this scene, so far.  Not a great look at Sinestro but his suit looks like it is black and green and WAY better than Hal Jordan’s suit, even from a distance.

The Green Lantern must be saving a boy here.  The boy looks more tired and bored than scared of something in the sky but looking at Hal’s face it looks like he is doing something significant.  Another look at the suit and I like it even less than before.

Hal using the ring to knock out a couple bad guys.  It looks to me like it’s a giant ghost fist.  I think it looks more spiritual and paranormal in an earthly way than a mental projection using alien technology.  I really expected better.

Really?!  Does that not look dumb to anyone else?  Am I alone on this one?  I like the set in the background though.  Thumbs up to this scene’s set designer, thumbs down to… everyone else?

They MUST be working on this stuff still.  They can’t possibly be done with this.  With a budget as big as they have, it is unacceptable for the CGI to look like we are regressing in technology compared to recently released films.

Kilowog!!  Not pink like he is in the comic books.  He looks a lot more like one of the dumb bad aliens in The Fifth Element, than the powerful Drill Sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps, but I’m anxious to see more.

Ladies and gentlemen, the planet Oa.  Where the Green Lantern Corps has it’s base of operations.  I like it so far.

I am going to pay to see it in theaters, whether the trailers look good or not, but I am a lot less excited about it than I was.  It may be a good thing however.  I was SUPER excited for Wolverine: Origins and I had a lot of expectations.  In that case I left the theatre feeling like Fox (The studio that made the film) had kicked me in the nuts.  Now I find myself just hoping this movie doesn’t suck horribly.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  It’s still early and there’s a lot more of the movie to see.  What do you think so far?

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