All Hail PAX Prime!


Yes boys and girls, PAX Prime has come and gone. Somehow, our rag tag group of editors survived the mayhem.  We walked a lot, talked even more and even had time to play some games.  The amount of work we, as a team, have ahead of us to share with you guys is overwhelming, to say the least. We did our best to update Facebook as we played, but sometimes we got way too sidetracked.

For us, PAX actually started Thursday, not Friday. Thursday, we were invited to a media only event with Activision. We were treated to a thirty-minute presentation of Prototype 2 that, literally, made my jaw drop. Got hands on time with the new X-Men title coming out as well as a new Spider-Man and 007 Goldeneye. That’s just a couple of the massive amount of awesome games that we  got to test.

We were lucky enough to get some epic exclusives, like our massive Q&A with Bethesda, concerning Skyrim. Sat in and released the first video of Arenanet’s only PAX panel where they let a couple of cats out of the bag and went to some killer industry parties.

All in all, it was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. So, the point of this post is moreover to let you guys know that in the coming days and weeks, look forward to massive amounts of totally kick ass content blazing your way. And who knows, I may have a few more tricks up my sleeve to unveil, as I work through the massive stack of notes, videos and contacts. So, sit tight kiddies, there are killer stories on the horizon from all of our writers!

Nerd on!

Perreault out

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