Homefront: A Great Game that almost was

Let’s go thru a checklist here for Homefront:

Interesting plot? Check
Great writer? Check
Incredible possibility to be awesome? Check!

Yet with all of this, somehow this game falls flat. To bring you up to speed here, Korea has invaded the United States ala Red Dawn (an 80’s movie about Russia invading the US but thwarted by a group of high school kids fronted by Patrick Swayze). Yes this game was written by the same guy who penned the aforementioned movie. On the story front, Homefront hits a homerun. Sadly tho, that is the only homerun in this game. The graphics are almost last gen bad, the controls are wonky and imprecise, and it’s too much of a predictable game. You are a generic American who joins the “resistance” movement to free us all from Korean communist rule. For a fringe fighting force, access to weapons and ammo is entirely too easy. You never seem to run out of bullets, even tho you aren’t in any sort of real military. Just making ammo more scarce could have dramatically improved the gameplay. Instead you can just blast away at enemies without much concern for your stockpile of arms. And since I’m talking gunplay here, let’s address the AI. More importantly, the lack thereof. Korean soldiers seem all to happy to step in front of bullets, seem intimidated by a 3 against 20 battle that favors them with numbers, and can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn with a gun. Yes there are cover mechanics in this game, but you really don’t need them that much, you probably wouldn’t get shot anyway. Aside from a disappointing single player campaign, there is also a disappointing multiplayer side. The short comings of Homefronts online multiplayer are only exacerbated by premium online experiences like MW2 and even (and I hate to admit this) Black Ops. Bland maps, bland mechanics, a bland experience. Kind of like eating hot dogs, yea you can stay alive eating them, but it’s not exactly filet mignon. There is one cool thing to the multiplayer game and that’s the ability to use vehicles. Tanks, assault vehicles, etc. This alone cannot save the multiplayer experience. This game truly makes me sad, I was so looking forward to it based on it’s resume only to be let down harder than a man with premature ejaculation. This game is over before it begins, so much promise wasted. My only hope is someone takes a similar storyline and makes a great game with it. Like my profile says, I have to keep it real.

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