Honeywell’s “techiest” Fan

The gentleman I spoke with on the phone called this the “techiest” fan that Honeywell makes, and he was right, well kind of.

When this arrived on my porch I immediately wondered how much assembly would be required.  I’m not a big fan of “buy this, then you get to build it!”  I would rather if I pay full price for something that it come pre-assembled, but obviously for shipping reasons this wouldn’t be very prudent as things get broken in transit.  We pulled all the bits out and began to assemble the fan without reading the instructions, because what man reads instructions?  It took a little longer to assemble than I would have liked, but after a couple attempted builds we had it all put together and blasting us with eight different settings of cool air.

Having a young baby who is just learning to crawl, I was very interested in the stability of the device.  After a couple attempts to push or pull it and have it topple, it surprisingly did not.  The way Honeywell built this fan it rocks on the floor like a menacing rock em sock em punching bag, yet does not fall.  Even though my tests proved successful I was not about to test this on my 10 month old daughter, thus have moved it to a corner where she cannot access it very easily.

The fan is very powerful for such a small unit and provides wide, sweeping coverage which cools the entire room.  It truly is very quiet and can operate at full blast without causing any auditory interruption.  The eight different speeds are handy as well and from what I have read this fan is easy on electricity which is an extra bonus.

On a hot day, this fan will keep a small room cool, although larger rooms may not benefit from this unit.

Overall NERD TREK gives the Honeywell Quietset – 8-speed Whole Room Tower Fan 4/5 stars.  Despite the stability tests succeeding I was still very wary of having this unit anywhere in my main living room for fear my daughter would lift up on it and pull it over on top of her.  For someone with a small home and no kids this unit would be a perfect fit!  It’s also easy on the wallet.


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