How do I…Grapple (revised edition)

How do I…Grapple (revised edition)

This humble pdf clocks in at 12 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page ToC, 1 page editorial, 2 pages of SRD, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 6 pages of content, so let’s take a look!


Wait – that was the screen-use version. The printer-version manages to jam all required information on 3 pages, sparing you some ink/toner – kudos!


Okay, so in 3.X and PFRPG alike, there is not a single mechanic among the base maneuvers that is as complex as grappling. It is not exactly the most popular part of the rules and most players aren’t that savvy when it comes to standard grappling, much less grappling that accounts for the variety of feat- and ability-based tricks.


Well, wanted a cleanly explained pdf that sums up grappling? This is what you wanted. It begins with grappling 101 and explains the basics – namely how to start a grapple. EDIT: The revised version now has a more precise and more newcomer-friendly wording. Kudos!


After that, the pdf first sums up the grappled condition, then the pinned condition. Helpful: Bullet point lists of what you can and can’t do. The pdf then lists what you can do while in control of the grapple. Then what you can do while not in control.


The pdf also lists the bonuses players may forget, which is pretty helpful. Big kudos – the original iteration forgot some of the bonus types that are added to CMD – this iteration now correctly lists them.


The pdf also sports a brief summary of dogpiles, a brief summary of monster-abilities related to grappling. Finally, we have a summary of being swallowed and a short note on grapple and the damage causing burn ability (not the kineticist-resource).



Editing and formatting are improved in the revised version. Layout adheres to a two-column, full-color landscape-standard for the tablet-optimized screen-use version. The version for the printer sports a printer-friendly 2-column b/w-standard. The pdfs have no interior art, but need none. EDIT: The author has revised the files. They now have bookmarks. Kudos!


Michael McCarthy provides a solid pdf here that can be particularly helpful for newer players. Personally, I never quite understood why people consider grapple confusing, but then again, I am weird. That being said, I do understand why grappling confuses a lot of people.


Hence, I was pretty stoked to see this humble pdf – and it’s PWYW to boot, which is a big PLUS, as far as I’m concerned. Even cooler: After I brought a couple of minor hiccups to the author#s attention, he immediately fixed them. Impressive support, particularly for a PWYW-supplement!


Having revised the pdf and streamlined it, the revised version is now worth 5 stars for newer players and those interesting in a clear ad easy to follow explanation of grappling.


You can get this pdf for PWYW here on OBS!

Endzeitgeist out.


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