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Making your own magic wand similar to the wands in the Harry Potter movies and books is a very magical thing. It is an excellent way to connect with the magic inside you.  Most witches and wizards work with several wands, one for each different kind of spell.  This article details several different ways to create a magical wand, from the extremely simple to detailed and complex.  In the real world many pagans and witches find wands useful for focusing energy in spells and rituals.  There is no right or wrong way to make a magic wand.  I offer my suggestions as a guide to help you develop your own method for making magic wands and connecting with the magic inside yourself.

Step 1: Choosing the right wood for your wand

Whenever you take live wood from a tree you must always ask permission from the tree.  To do this, simply place your hand upon the trunk of the tree and clear your mind.  In your mind ask the tree if you have permission to take some wood to be made into a magic wand.  If your heart feels good and pure than the answer is “Yes”, if your heart feels heavy or drops the answer is “No”.  Taking wood from a tree that has answered no and making a wand from it will curse you with foul magic and cause your future to be full of pain.  If a tree says no simply continue until you find a tree that feels right and says yes. Please be careful not to adversely harm the tree or cause considerable pain. You must only take a small lower branch and use a knife to cut it if possible. DO NOT cut down a tree in order to obtain a wand. A wand from an injured tree is worthless and other wizards will immediately know what you have done to the poor defenseless tree!

A wand made from a tree that has been struck by lightning is VERY powerful.  This type of wood is so heavily imbued with magical and electrical energy that it could be too powerful for children to wield.  Be sure to consult a local wizard or sage before crafting a wand from Lightning Wood.

Whenever taking wood from a tree or the forest be sure to give back something in return.  Usually a gemstone, coin, or necklace will do.

Make sure and let your wand dry next to a wood stove, fire, or heater for a few days before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Awaken your wand

After you have found the right wood sit down in a place you feel comfortable and creative and again clear your mind.  Close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine your wand being filled with life, imagine that your wand is actually a beautiful creature and that this being is now taking life within the wood you hold.  Now allow your wand to take shape naturally in your mind; When it has been completed, keep that picture in your mind and slowly open your eyes while holding your wand before you.  As your eyes open the shape in your mind will morph into the wand you hold in your hands.  Just in case you may want to draw a quick picture of your future wand so that you do not forget if you are not able to finish the carving in one sitting.

Step 3: Carving and Shaping your wand

The first thing to remember when carving your wand is not to use any power tools.  You must shape the wand on your own with a sharp knife.  If you cannot handle a knife at your age, a parent may help only if they ask the wand and the wand says “Yes” similar to the way you asked the tree earlier in this article.

“The manufactured Harry Potter wands you buy on the internet are mass produced on machines in China and many times are not even real wood.  There are no magical powers in a wand made for profit. Crafting your own magic wand is a special and magical experience and best of all is an expression of your creativity and imagination!”

-Jonathan Nerdtrek

When carving your wand use the knife to carve away from you at all times.  Remember the image of your wand that you pictured in your mind and continue to carve the wood until the image emerges.

Step 4: Applying the finishing touches

Your wand looks amazing, but it’s not done yet!  Remember that image in your head?  Is your wand missing anything?

Here are some things you may add to your wand to enhance it’s magical powers.  Remember that less is more and a simple wand will outdo a cluttered wand as a cluttered wand knows not which way to cast.

Ideas for wand shaping:

Leather Handle
Burned Wood
Sand Paper

Finally your wand must be protected from the elements (rain, humidity, sun).  To do this the most accepted practice among witches and wizards is to apply Tung Oil or Wax to the wand.  Once this is done you may let it dry for a day or so and then handmake a protective cloth to wrap it in when travelling.  You do not wand your magic to leech out when the wand is in transport.  A box lined with cloth is the safest method to transport your wand and can easily be made from wood and fine cloth.

Step 5: Enjoy your wand and practice magic often!

Learning magic is not an easy thing.  Please remember to be careful and do not aim your spells at others while in training!  Seek professional guidance through a local wizard or witch but make sure you get your parent’s approval before doing so.  Some muggles have been known to actually be wizards in disguise, perhaps your mum or dad are actually wizards and witches themselves!

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