How to get a picture next to your comments

This article could also be called “How to obtain a universal Avatar” depending on how deep your knowledge of the blogosphere goes.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how some people get a cool looking image to show up next to their comments on blogs.  In some cases you may have noticed that this same image seems to follow them around the internet and again pops up every single time they post their thoughts.  Did you miss something?  Was there a place to upload a photo or image that you didn’t see?  Perhaps the people posting comments know the blog owner or know something you don’t?

They do know something you don’t, they use a service called “Gravatar”.  It’s a simple and easy to use service that takes about 20 seconds to register.

Here’s the easy step by step:

  1. Visit this website:
  2. Click SIGN UP
  3. Enter your EMAIL
  4. Jump into your email and CONFIRM your address
  5. Log into your new Gravatar account
  6. Upload the image(s) you would like associated with each of your email addresses
  7. You’re done!

Once finished you can visit any blog that utilizes gravatars and comment or post- your cool picture shows up!  You spent about 2 minutes total and now that image will follow you around on the net.  You look more professional and stand out to other readers.  If you are a blog owner this can help catch readers eyes who will then click your image which transports them to the URL you provide (your website).  It’s a great promotional tool and you can put in your 2 cents on other blogs at the same time!

Hope this helped some of you.  Go ahead and test out your new Gravatar by commenting below.  I’ll kick off the comments with my own.

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