Game of Thrones Hairstyles Tutorial

GoT Hairstyle Collage

HBO’s Game of Thrones has been an international phenomenon, sparking buzz for a high fantasy series that usually wouldn’t garner huge amounts of publicity, regardless of it’s quality or epicness. But Game of Thrones managed to do what many a fantasy series has tried and failed to do: capture the hearts of mainstream audiences.

Some book fans might dismiss the show for the changes it’s made to plot points and certain character’s roles (Talisa who?), but for the most part the show has managed to capture much of the spirit and storylines of the book series, which makes it all the more appealing to long-time devotees and new fans, many of whom have taken up reading the books where they might never have otherwise. That in of itself is reason enough to love the show, but there are many, many more.

The show brings to life what only our imaginations had been able to capture, and like any great adaption, it spares no expense in recreating a world that’s half medieval drama and half grim fairytale. From the big CG’ed effects (direwolves, dragons, and Others, oh my!), down to the tiniest details in costuming, Game of Thrones is a carefully crafted show. To show off some of those fine details, here’s an infographic teaching you how to easily mimic the elegant hairstyles of the ladies of Game of Thrones! Sponsored by HealthyHairPlus, it’s a step-by-step guide for 5 regal ‘dos.

Which lady and hairstyle do you like best? Try them all out and see!



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