New Information Revealed About The Wii U: Should We Care?

I just read an “in depth” article about the upcoming Wii U console and to say I’m underwhelmed is an understatement.

Let’s look passed the fact that Nintendo isn’t confirming ANY of the hardware specs for a moment, ignore the bogus claims of PS3 and 360 besting graphics and get to the meat of the information available.

One: Nintendo is still calling the new console the Wii U. Why? Who knows, Nintendo is in love with stupid names for systems.

Two: Nintendo is rumored to be more accessible to third party developers. This is supposed to mean that gamers may get more games than Mario 95 Galaxy Warrior Princess, Mario Kart 52 Tokyo Drift, and another god damn Wii Sports Resort cleverly titled Wii U Sports Resort! Didn’t see that coming Nintendo!

Three: The new Wii U console will offer entirely new ways to game. I’m actually really confused by this. Since when is holding a giant brick with a touchscreen a new gaming experience? Wait, it has touchscreen game controls? Holy shit! Apparently the Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Playstation Vita are only pretending to have touchscreen controls. Gyroscopic controls! Oh my, another new experience! Obviously the sixaxis PS3 controller has been omitted from gaming history. HD (maybe) graphics! Welcome to the party Nintendo, six years late.

Fourth: Online gaming ability. Wow. Really? Has Nintendo actually finally realized that people love online gaming? That’s only a twenty years behind the curve Nintendo. Thanks for playing.

The list of games semi confirmed for the Wii U are certainly varied. From the aforementioned Wii U Sports Resort, to Assassins Creed 3, the new console is trying to cover every gaming demographic known to man. To me this is going to be the biggest downfall for the Wii U. Nintendo should stick to what it’s good at, rehashing 25 year old ip’s and getting people to pay for them. I don’t think any hardcore gamer is going to be chomping at the bit to get a Wii U. Of all the descriptions of the upcoming titles and how they will use the  “new” technology, none of them sounds remotely interesting or innovative. Playing an MMORPG for instance, you can use the Wii U screen to constantly display your inventory. How the hell are you playing the game then? With a standard Wiimote? What the hell is the point of that? Pay $300 for a glorified inventory screen? I don’t think so. Racing game? Use the Wii U to steer a car! Ooooh, I can hardly wait! (Cue sarcasm).

To sum up the Wii U, I guess I would have to say, “not interested”. The system seems to be too little, too late as far as graphics are concerned. The plan to offer more of the same franchises, literally is a huge turn off, and some very powerful company heads have already spoken out against it saying it isn’t going to offer anything new or exciting, hence their respective companies lack of support for it.

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