How to install WordPress

If you’re looking for an easy way to get a website or blog setup quickly and keep it affordable, WordPress is the way to go. WordPress is basically a graphical user interface that makes it easy to manage your website without knowing any coding languages. Of course, it will help you knowing a bit of HTML and CSS, but it is not needed with all the great tools and plugins WordPress offers. The most amazing thing about WordPress is that is comes standard with almost any web hosting you buy.

If you haven’t purchased service yet go with a reliable, affordable, and stable provider like At Hostgator you will find all the tools you need (like WordPress) to make your website great along with insanely good customer service. I love the customer service chat option since I can access it from anywhere and the employees at Hostgator are always willing to go the extra mile even if it means explaining something I don’t understand in great detail! Hostgator starts at around $4.95 a month so you can’t beat that price.

Step by Step Instructions:


1. After you get signed up for Hostgator web hosting simply log into the Hostgator control panel by going to, enter your username and password. This will take you into your website’s CONTROL PANEL.

2. Next, scroll down and locate and click “Fantastico”.

3. This will take you into another screen, look for WORDPRESS and click it. Click on WORDPRESS NEW INSTALLATION.

4. You will be given a series of boxes to fill out. Put the information you would like to appear on your website. You can install into a specific directory on your domain like, but I suggest keeping things simple by installing to the root of your domain. That will make your WordPress appear when you visit simply

5. After this the rest is easy, just follow the prompts and WordPress will be installed! Congrats on your new website!

6. To access the WordPress Dashboard go to: and enter the username and password you used during the install.

That’s it! You have WordPress installed and can start blogging right away if you would like. If you want to further customize your site (which I would suggest) stay tuned for our next tutorial which will walk you through the basics of WordPress and how things work.

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