Interview with Andrew Collas of Zenith Comics


Hello Andrew, thanks for taking the time to speak with NERD TREK today.  Please tell us about yourself and your company.

Thanks Jonathan, my name is Andrew Collas and I am the writer/editor-in-chief of Zenith Comics.

We recently started a Kickstarter campaign to get our first issue of HEROIC to print.



We love Kickstarter projects, especially those dealing with comics or gaming!

What sets your work apart from other comic books?Lady A Quarter Size

I have for years lamented the lack of strong female characters in superhero comics or the over sexualization of those characters.  As you can see demonstrated by the included character art, Lady America, our heroine, is a strong female that is neither a sex kitten or a damsel-in-distress.  She is an actualized, strong woman in the view of an Ellen Ripley or even a Kathryn Janeway, all the while kicking butt like the Bride, Wonder Woman or even Batgirl!This is also a core fundamental belief of Zenith Comics, there are more to superheroes than just white, square jawed men and large breasted bikini clad ladies.  The Zenith Universe  is populated with diverse heroes.  All racial types, all genders, all sexual orientations, physical conditions, etc…  Everyone can be a hero in the real world, so why not the same in the Zenith Universe?

The  motto of Zenith Comics is “Ex imaginando verum” or from imagination truth.  The Zenith Universe is not the “world outside your window” but instead the “world inside your imagination”.  While the story may start dark, it is meant to grow and get brighter as the true heroes of the Zenith Universe stand up and say “No more!”.

Devil Dog Colour Model Full

Be Heroic!  That slogan has meant so much to me in this 2 year journey to this point and it will continue to be the battle cry to which we rally around!

I also agree with Max Landis’ recent statement that of late everyone is so obsessed with the “super” they forget about the “hero”.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today Andrew!

Thank you!



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