Invincible #88

Some superheroes are larger than life.Others are better than good. And others still are powerful beyond belief. Invincible is all three combined with something extra……..HE IS EPIC. Every issue, and every page, and every panel, every word, every line is nothing short of enjoyable. If you are not reading comics, this is one you will want to start with from issue one. Now I know it sounds like I’m totally “jocking” this book and I am. It’s that fricken good. I wouldn’t build it up as an extremely great book if I wasn’t so certain that it was. Robert Kirkman as a writer is solid (if you think i’m lying, check out the walking dead.) He can really hold a story together. The art is as always amazing and Ryan Ottley makes it look so easy. This creative team really puts on a good show. It almost makes it okay that there is so much sucky T.V. on right now.

*************Spoiler Alert************
This issue: Okay. Can’t really get into this issue with out getting into the next issue. A virus that is going to quite possibly wipe out Invincible’s evil race (who is hiding out on earth) was going to be released by Allen the Great and Invincible’s baby brother Young Omni-Man. Invincible tries to stop them and gets an assist from an unlikely source. Thragg!!! Invincible’s biggest baddest most hardcore villain of all time. And Super powerful beyond belief. Now in this issue some things are said, certain muscles are measured and feelings are hurt. As they talk it sounds as if a truce can be made, then Robot and the Guardian’s of the Globe (earth’s resident super-team) shows up and trouble starts. It seems like the fighting in this book never stops…..and it all come to a head when Marks brother and he have one last battle and someone gets infected.
Check out this book. if you haven’t been reading it what are you waiting for? Check out this preview of issue #88. PEACE!!

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