iPad 2 Release

Today the iPad 2 is being announced.  Keep your eyes on Apple.com for more info as it becomes available.
As soon as NERDTREK.com can obtain the full scoop you can be guaranteed that we will have a break down of all the new features and specs of the iPad 2 and will probably be in line to get our hands on the device so we can give you the first hand account of it’s many features.

So far the rumors stand as follows:

iPad 2
*Skinnier than iPad 1
*Larger speaker
*SD card slot
*Thunderbolt I/O
*Landscape docking port
*Speculation that iPad 2 might be smaller than iPad 1
*Speculation that iPad 2 might be in white as opposed to the iPad 1 black
*Speculation of 1-2 cameras as opposed to the iPad 1 lack of any camera


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