The Iron Patriot

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for some Comic Book storylines from Marvel Comics…

The Iron Patriot is the highly visible leader of the (Dark) Avengers during the Dark Reign story arc.  Superficially he looks like a Red, White, and Blue version of Iron Man.  But a long series of events transpired leading to the creation and implementation of The Iron Patriot armor.

Nick Fury was the long time director of SHIELD but he left abruptly after the discovery that he was behind a devastating attack of Dr. Doom’s home country Latveria.  Maria Hill was director for a while but The Invincible Iron Man, Tony Stark took the lead through The Civil War and The Initiative story arcs.  Alien Skrulls invaded Earth on Iron Man’s watch so he stepped down as Director of SHIELD.

Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin, enemy of Spider-Man) is supposedly reformed from villainy and he immediately takes over control of SHIELD filling Tony Stark’s void.  Osborn renames SHIELD and HAMMER is born.  Norman is more offensive minded and most Americans including the President of the United States have faith in Osborn being able to proactively protect the world.

During Tony Stark’s time in charge, he used government funds to improve many of his suits of armor.  Because of that, the suits become property of HAMMER.  Osborn had one painted Red, White, and Blue and named it The Iron Patriot armor.  It’s purpose was to represent the presence and familiarity of both Iron Man and Captain America, The Iron Patriot would lead a new hand picked team of Avengers.

It would be Norman Osborn himself that would wear the suit and personify The Iron Patriot.  He wanted to make sure that Americans felt safe, and felt that this Avengers team was their group heroes to look up to.

Osborn lead his team of “Avengers” into a few massive battles including fights with The X-Men, The New Avengers and most importantly: The Asgardians during The Siege story arc.

I strongly recommend the Dark Avengers series in addition to the peripheral books from the story arcs related to the whole saga.  The New Avengers series is one of my all time favorites and in addition to interesting plot lines and creative twists, there is some fantastic artwork.  New Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Dark X-Men, Thunderbolts, Avengers: The Initiative, and of course The Dark Avengers.  Luckily the majority of these comics are available through the Marvel Comics App so you can download them and start reading right away…

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