It’s the final week for Total Party Kill Games’ new Pathfinder adventure on Kickstarter!

10711480_10205197470844574_184002720_nThe Fen of the Five-Fold Maw is an old-school swamp adventure for 7th level characters that pits the players against the challenges of the dreaded Sorrowfen Swamp, its inherent dangers and denizens. A tribe of zealous lizardmen venerate a horrific hydra within, and they threaten to swallow the nearby town of Wyverglynn.

Do you have what it takes to walk the giant lily road and face the dangers within? What’s better than a great new adventure by Total Party Kill Games? How about 10 bonus PDFs?

That’s right! As a backer of this great kickstarter, you will be helping unlock 10 bonus PDFs from other Pathfinder compatible publishers.

Don’t delay, this is your last chance to unleash the ultimate swamp campaign!Fen Cover Lite

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