I never thought I needed a bluetooth headset until I got this little guy.  Man, what a cool little toy.

I can listen to my tunes in the car through my stereo, on my phone, or via a pair of ear buds.   If I need to skip a track I can press a single button or hold it down to jump albums.  I can answer calls and speak directly through the tiny clip.  I honestly never thought I would want or use such a device until I tried this one.

If you’re “anti-bluetooth headset” try this little guy out and it will completely change your outlook.


The Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth stereo headset is now available in four new bright and trendy colors – white, pink, turquoise and tangerine – providing users with a stylish way to stream music and make calls wirelessly.  Here’s a link to purchase  the Jabra CLIPPER on Amazon.com.

The Jabra CLIPPER can be easily attached to bags, clothing, and belts to combine style and function with easy-to-use controls. It features noise-cancelling ear buds that blackout external sounds so you can hear your favorite songs clearly and take calls without being disturbed by surrounding noises.  It’s compatible with any device that has Bluetooth technology and can also connect two different devices at the same time.

Additional product features include:

  •        Great wireless stereo sound
  •        Automatically switch between music and calls
  •        Compatible with most headphones (3.5 mm jack)
  •        Simple remote control* – play, pause, stop, skip track
  •        Incoming caller alerts
  •        Advanced mobile away alert (within 32 feet)
  •        Up to 6 hours talk time & up to 8 days standby time


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