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When an unassuming cardboard box arrived at NERD TREK, LLC I figured it was just another company or publisher expecting a raving review of their sub-par product.  I know, a glass half-empty kind of mentality, but after you spend hours reviewing products you find that the majority of stuff is just OK.

I was about to have my mind blown.  After unboxing the Jabra Revo corded stereo headphones I immediately realized that these weren’t your run of the mill phones.  The unit felt solid, yet flexible.  The headband was extremely comfortable, and when I placed the headphones over my ears it nearly silenced the outside world, yet I felt no tightness or irritating constraint as is the norm in most headphones.

Jabra_Revo_White_image_1440x810px_08Next I picked up the audio cable which was detached from the headphones.  The cable was bright orange and made of an almost cloth-like material.  Soft to the touch, flexible, and tangle-proof, which means no more knotted or torn cables!  It turns out the orange material is some kind of crystal polymer.  There was a jack on both side of the headphones, so depending upon which side your computer headphone jack is located or which pocket you have your phone or mp3 player you can still listen comfortably.  But the extra jack has an additional use, it doubles as a tether so your friends or significant other can plug into the same audio as you and enjoy something like a movie on an airplane, or a new track of your favorite artist.  I picture a line of people wearing these headphones making a chain so they can all listen to the same track together.  Very cool idea!

What really made me sit up and take notice was the Jabra Revo’s ability to transform weak mp3 tracks (let’s face it, compression destroys audio) into incredibly powerful music.  The bass was thumping without being intrusive, and the highs were crisp and clear.  Almost all outside noise seemed to disappear and I only had my volume up 1/4 of the way!

I have a degree in audio engineering and I personally own 6 sets of high quality ear buds and three sets of headphones.  The Jabra Revo has replaced them all.  I no longer have the need for any other headphones (except perhaps the wireless version of the Jabra Revo).

Oh, and before I forget.  You also have the capability to use this with your mobile phone to answer calls using the multi-touch device built into the cord, and talk on the built in microphone!

The Jabra Revo headphones have utterly crushed the competition and done so at a fairly reasonable price ($199)  Nice job Jabra!

I’m telling you, buy these headphones.  You will not regret it, and they’ll last a long time, they’re nearly indestructible and can handle all kinds of flexes and falls, even the crushing weight of your in-laws cannot destroy the Jabra Revo!

NERD TREK gives the Jabra Revo corded headphones:
5/5 Stars and NERD TREK’s seal of approval!

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