Why Julian Assange is a hero

What constitutes the definition of a hero?  Modern news reporters will tell you that a hero is someone caught in a fiery inferno, or a person that survived a drive-by shooting, or perhaps someone who was lost at sea and barely survived.  I’m sorry, but these are NOT heroes.  These are random incidences where people almost died but didn’t.  There is nothing heroic about nearly dying no matter how publicized the incident is.

Let’s take a look at the actual definition of the word hero.

  • a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength
  • the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
  • champion: someone who fights for a cause

Clearly someone who dies in a fire, survives a dangerous storm, or who otherwise ends up in a dangerous situation is not a hero.  A hero is someone who displays courage, nobility, and strength.  A hero is someone who fights for a cause no matter what the consequences.  Julian Assange displays courage.  You’ve got to have courage to build a website in the public’s eye, so that alone is a step up to the plate in my book!  Now add on the strength to contact government operatives who wish to spill the beans on all kinds of illegal activities, foul-ups, and secret documents.  Finally, the nobility to reveal these documents to the public so that the government which “WE THE PEOPLE” put into power cannot hide things from us any longer.

We are told that terrorists will gain vital information on our infrastructure from the release of these documents and that we are under attack!  Fear-mongering is not something a civilized democracy perpetrates upon its people, that is something more akin to totalitarian dictatorship.  “We’ve gotta keep these sheep in line damn it!” I will be frank with you- I’m not scared of terrorism- Never have been, never will.  Why not?  Well for one I am interested in digging deeper into 9/11 which started the whole “terrorism scare” since the government and the Bush Administration have been so quick to cover up and conceal any pertinent documents relating to that horrible day.  Even the families of Americans killed in 9/11 were hoodwinked, double-crossed, and led astray when they tried to get the real cold hard facts.

This is a FREE country.  I will not sacrifice our freedom in the name of “terrorism”.  If someone is going to blow up a plane they are going to do it one way or another.  Is TSA going to start performing anal cavity searches on all air travelers?  How are you going to explain to your daughter that some grubby old man needs her to take her clothes off to check for bombs?  It is absolutely disgusting and outrageous that this would even be considered in our country.  Disgusting and outrageous is what Sarah Palin is calling Julian Assange.  Julian Assange has given us back what we have lost and for that we wish to extradite him, try him, and lock him up for all eternity.  For someone who is not even an American to show us the evils our government has perpetrated and the dark backroom deals, the horrible unjust wars over material possessions, is to give us the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the world of politics and news media everyone is in an uproar over this fellow.  Some praise him, but most loathe him.  I truly believe that by seeing ones dark side exposed to the world one can find the light.  Our government was NEVER meant to operate in secret channels or keep ANY secrets from the American people.  We the people means that we are our own government.  From this point forward our government should operate in the manner that we request and expect them to.  They should show good will to other countries, operate in a fair and just manner, and exercise every possible option before even thinking of declaring war.

By releasing the documents and exposing the wrong doings of goverments and organizations all over the world Julian Assange has elevated himself to the status of Hero in my book and no matter what happens next, he will go down in history as the hero who leaked the truth to the world.

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