Kickin’ it in Korea #2: X-Men-Kimchi/GalaxyTab/AngryBirds

1. Wolverine Loves His Kimchi

So I found this video of Hugh Jackman promoting Kimchi. I’ve gotta say that this will probably do a ton for Korean food outside of Asia. I personally love kimchi and the rest of Korean food but had only tried Korean food one time before I was ever actually here. It’s a dynamic and delicious mixture of ingredients.

The place I found it was a great food blog based here in Seoul, called Seoul Eats. I’d check it out if you’re here or planning on coming.


The Korean tourism board put all their chips behind this:

And while it is more entertaining it’s advertising a mostly vegetarian dish. Korean has much more to offer than veggies and rice. I hope Wolverine can espouse all of the great foods Korea has to offer.


2. iPad vs Galaxy Tab: Seoul


Of course the iPad is a hot commodity here but the Samsung Galaxy Tab has really taken the market by storm. Basically it’s smaller, it’s lighter, and it’s Korean.

I see it everywhere: on the subway, the bus, and any event where people are taking pictures. The Samsung tablet was also featured at the G20 summit according to quick research I did on the Internets. There is also a price difference with the Galaxy being cheaper.

Now the iPhone is a different matter all together. While I see a lot of Androids everyday, I’m pretty sure I see more iPhones. Could it be that the smaller, sexier Galaxy is FTW?


3. Why can’t I download Angry Birds!?!?

So I got my first smart phone 2 months ago and boy oh boy was I stoked—the world in the palm of my hand. So after quickly throwing aside the user’s guide I tried to download games of course. But then one of those… I live in Korea moments happened.

I found that I couldn’t download any games to my Android device from the Android marketplace. What the hell Korea/Google? After doing some research I found that the fault lay with the Korea games commission. They won’t allow unrated, unevaluated games onto the market freely. So that means that anyone with an iphone or Android has to find alternative means of downloading games, or to use a Korean marketplace—which is fine if you’re fluent in Korean…

Anyway, I have some games now but what’s the deal Korea?



Kickin’ it in Korea– Danny

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