Kill Shakespeare: Volume 2

Kill Shakespeare
Volume 2: The Blast of War


Kill Shakespeare written by Conor McCreery & Anthony Del Col, with art by Andy Belanger is an original series borrowing heavily from Shakespearean lore to craft an original and exciting story.  The authors achieve this feat by taking the most famous of William Shakespeare’s characters and launching them wildly flailing into a intriguing story.

In the world McCreery, Del Col, and Belanger have created, William Shakespeare is regarded either as a god-like figure or an arch-villain depending upon with whom one inquires.  One thing is certain though, he is the creator and is to play a pivotal role in the destiny of the Shakespearean characters.

Hamlet plays the role of lead character both in this book and the previous book, Volume 1: A Sea of Troubles.  Each of these volumes is comprised of 6 issues of the comics which has been critically acclaimed and nominated for a 2011 Harvey Award.    The New York Times said “Gripping, violent, and dark fun, even if you’re not fully versed in Shakespearean lore.” of the Kill Shakespeare series.

In Kill Shakespeare, Volume 1: A Sea of Troubles, Richard III seeks to acquire the magical quill of Shakespeare which he aims to use to alter reality.  Richard III promises Hamlet that he will resurrect his father if Hamlet would steal Shakespeare’s magical quill.   Hamlet rejects Richard’s propositions and falls in with the Prodigals, led by Juliet and Othello.

In Kill Shakespeare, Volume 2: The Blast of War, the Prodigals attempt to locate Shakespeare before Richard III and Lady Macbeth do.  Battle rages all around them on their journey and threatens to destroy the party.  It is during this time that Hamlet begins to fall in love with the beautiful Juliet whilst discovering that Juliet’s first love and soul-mate Romeo is still alive!  Will Hamlet and the Prodigals be able to locate Shakespeare and save him or will Richard III and Lady Macbeth beat them to it?  Do Hamlet and Juliet hold a future together, or is she destined for another man’s arms?

Kill Shakespeare is a masterfully scribed mash-up of Shakespearean lore and sticks out as a unique and precious gem for readers of all ages.


“A masterfully scribed mash-up of Shakespearean lore.”


Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 contains Kill Shakespeare issues 7-12 and can be purchased on Amazon for $13.  If you haven’t read the first volume (issues 1-6) you can snag it for only $8!


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