Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North

A Real Time Strategy game for the social gamer, Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North is an entertaining FREE game that is available for download in the iTunes App Store.

When you start there is a tutorial that walks you through what to do. How to build cottages to increase your population, farms for food to feed your subjects and other resource fields to gain ore, wood, and stone as well. You tax your people for gold, the higher the tax, the faster your population’s happiness goes down. Building a barracks (more than one) is key to success, especially early on. It’s pretty easy to learn but there are many moving parts that you have to keep track of. The menus are pretty intuitive, and compared to other similar games I’ve played this one is actually pretty straightforward.

It is FREE to download and play, however you can buy gems that speed up the process of building up your city and army. The difficult thing would be paying money to play and having someone more powerful attack you and raid your gold a resources. A store house that can protect a number of resources (other than gold) plus the ability to join alliances can help protect a new city beyond the basic 7days/up to level 5 protection you get when you sign up, but you’ll have to check on your city occasionally. It would be detrimental to the survival of your subjects if you were to abandon them for a long period of time…

Camelot is a great example of the direction many developers are moving into for video games. At least a strong off shoot of the gaming industry. It’s an App on my iPad that I can check into here and there, set up instructions like “Train 500 archers and 1,000 swordsmen” and get back to Draw Something or surfing the internet. As much as I love Skyrim and other more involved games, they take up so much of my time when I get drawn into those worlds. It’s nice to have a somewhat rewarding game that takes up only minutes each time I check in on it.

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