Know Direction Relaunch (Kickstarter)

Since 2007, The Private Sanctuary and Know Direction podcasts have been the most reliable sources for Pathfinder news and discussion. Now, with their equipment showing its age, and new opportunities to serve Pathfinder enthusiasts constantly presenting themselves, it is time for an upgrade.
Help Know Direction relaunch, and continue to serve the fanbase for 2014 and beyond. Successfully funding will mean Know Direction can afford to replace out-of-date equipment and relaunch as the source of Pathfinder coverage, with Know Direction as the new flagship podcast. Overfunding will allow Ryan and Perram to better cover conventions, from major events like GenCon and PaizoCon, to smaller and local convention of interest to Pathfinder enthusiasts. As a bonus, for backers of $20 or more will receive an exclusive adventure for the Pathfinder RPG, A Gnome In Need. The more the Kickstarter campaign overfunds, the more Paizo-employees and all-star Pathfinder freelancers will be added to the project.
The Know Direction Relaunch Kickstarter campaign is live now until November 6th, 2013.

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