Ruben Baca goes live with Kryptonware Website!

Ruben Baca, creator of iConsole and Vonsole has gone live with his website early.  Baca originally intended to go live with site along with the API of his two groundbreaking programs in 2012 but figured he would get the word out early.  NERD TREK uses Baca’s iConsole technology and has worked closely with Baca in the past.  The iConsole allows one to emulate NES and SNES games in a browser over an internet connection.  The Vonsole will allow you to flawlessly emulate a Windows, Mac, or Linux based operating system on any computer the world over.  This could potentially end dependence on any one OS or computer system and allow people to work in concert on a project regardless of their operating system.

Since I didn’t explain that very well I’ll let Baca explain in his own words:

“Well, VMware is like us, an software company that also creates emulators, but their emulators emulate x86 or 64 computers. We on the other hand emulator video game consoles. Thats how we differ.”

“It sounds like we do the same as VMware. We don’t. Vonsole, is the exact same thing as iConsole the only difference is that iConsole is for websites hence its a Web Player. Vonsole plays on all operating systems as a desktop player similar to the way that NESTopia and ZSNES does.”

Although some of Baca’s projects do not launch until 2012 his website has gone live and is awaiting your visit.

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