I love the Larper Rap

There, I said it.  I love the Larper Rap- technically called “Chase dat Gold: the LARP Rap”.  This absolutely genius production was put together by a comedy group calling themselves Vacant Manifesto.  You can learn more about them at www.vacantmanifesto.com.  When I checked out the site it said their servers were down which is a shame since I wanted to check out their other projects and conduct an interview.  LARP stands for LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING, basically a bunch of adults put on armor and beat the shit out of each other with padded swords in a field. The Larper Rap is much better than actual Larping and you’ll soon see why.

I watched this video at least 300 times after receiving it in my email from a friend over a year ago.  I listened to the song to bloody death until my wife and friends were about to wring my neck.  I finally had to take a break, but after a year on hiatus it’s time to bring the Larper Rap back!  Now that I have a blog to share with the world I can subject you to the inexplicably addictive Larper Rap! Beware, this is NERD CORE.

Well we are on the subject of nerdy RPG related music videos I have a couple more to share with you. This next video is by Neely Comics and is another rap, this one about table top RPGs and being aggressive. Be aggressive, be aggressive, be-e aggressive. Be aggressive, be aggressive, be-e aggressive.

This next video is a classic parody about Dungeons and Dragons that has been set to a 8-bit Final Fantasy style video.

Here’s a video that my brother and his friends made quite a few years ago. This video was broadcast on TV all over Europe and was an internet hit!

Of course, no trek through the bowels of the youtube video world would be complete without Charlie the Unicorn parts 1, 2, and 3. You’re in for a real treat (at Candy Mountain.)

Well, there you have it. Whether you like it or not you have been pulled kicking and screaming on a journey through my favorite nerdy youtube videos. I’m sure there are more, but I’ll let you soak these in until I remember the others… then you’re in real trouble.

Until then, BE AGGRESSIVE!

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