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Still a fan favorite – a look at LEGO and its Super Heroes Collectible Sets

LEGO has come a long way since its humble beginnings. For over 60 years, these building blocks have entertained children and adults across the globe, and the creativity and imagination sparked by Lego through the years has made it a favorite among kids and parents. Lego recently joined forces with DC and Marvel comics to produce the Lego Super Heroes collection, and currently is enjoying a new surge in popularity.

Massive Marvel and DC Playsets

The biggest action scenes of the latest comic book films can now be recreated with LEGO’s huge super hero play-sets.  Spiderman’s Daily Bugle, Batman’s Batcave and the imposing SHIELD Helicarrier have all been reproduced in LEGO form, with great care and attention given to details to make the representations as faithful as possible. Of course, the play-sets would be empty without super hero characters, so LEGO launched dozens of matching mini-figures.  Popular characters like Batman, Bane and all of the Avengers have been treated to mini-figure form. Supporting comic book characters such as NightWing and Aquaman also make an appearance in LEGO’s huge new line-up.

New Vehicles

Super heroes would be nothing without their gadgets and technology, and LEGO has come up with interesting versions of fun super hero vehicles. Batman’s Tumbler and Captain America’s motorcycle are among the many vehicles of the Super Heroes collection, and they all have firing weapons and missiles that help recreate the action-packed scenes of the comic books, movies and video games.

Avengers Legos

Fully Articulated Models

LEGO has certainly raised the bar for the LEGO Super Heroes collection, and they are much bigger and more detailed than the classic LEGO mini-figures we are used to seeing. The new toy figures are fully poseable  and come with actual moving and firing parts, with our favorite superheroes and villains transformed into new action toys. The figurines offer different building combinations and some can even be mixed and matched to build new creations. For example, the Joker and Green Lantern will most certainly form an unlikely duo, but for those of us who are familiar with these characters, the fact that you can actually use the different parts of these separate figures to combine these to build an even bigger model will thrill collectors to no end.

A Huge Collection To Enjoy

Perfect for the little ones or the big kids who just won’t grow up, Tesco offers on the LEGO Super Heroes collection will be sure to appeal to the inner child within us. LEGO’s latest toy set takes us back to the happier days of our childhood. With an impressive roster that includes Batman, Superman, the Avengers and a slew of comic book heroes and villains, the LEGO Super Heroes range has something for everybody, and the versatile little building blocks have again proven that they will no doubt be popular for many more years to come.

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