Light Peak – 10 Gigs per second

Light Peak, the newest data transfer technology is here and presented by Intel.  Heralded as the biggest change in computers since USB, this technology will make most adapters and data transfer mediums obsolete.  By 2020 Light Peak technology should be transferring data at 100 gigs per second.

According to Intel the new technology is available as of 2011 and manufacturers are already placing it within products due for release in 2012.

There is a problem though, Intel has calculated that using optical for the cables would cause the price of the device to be far too expensive for consumers.  Instead they have opted for substituting copper in place of the fiber optics which will greatly reduce the transfer rates.  As a tech geek I think this is a huge step backwards and is a terrible decision on Intel’s part.  Eventually Intel will release the fiber optic version which has higher transfer rates and then some people will have the old technology and others new; Getting these two to work together could be a huge pain in the cerebral cortex of Information Technology specialists the world over.

Despite the cheap alternative of copper, Intel pledges to still meet their promised 10 gig/second transfer speed.  Once all of the computers and networks in the world have been wired with the fiber optic version of this technology (goal 2020), Intel promises speeds upwards of 100 gigabytes per second.

The future is looking fast.

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