Make Money Blogging – Part 4

In this series of articles I will show you the secrets of how I started making a living blogging online.

In this article I will teach you how to drive thousands of readers to your blog. When I started my first blog I used these techniques to go from a few dozen visitors per day to thousands! You need a large amount of steady traffic and subscribers in order for your blog to be successful. These techniques are actually really easy to learn and will continue to generate traffic for you many years down the road.


Make Money Blogging – Part 4


Content Is King

I cannot repeat this enough- content is king! The quality and quantity of your content will generate more “likes” on Facebook, links from other larger sites, and more readers who will share your material with their friends. The plug-ins I listed last article will help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but you’ll still want to put quality titles on your articles as well. Use titles you think someone would search for and/or find interesting if spotted on your blog or Facebook. For example “Top 10 Games” will get a lot less hits than “Top 10 RPG Video Games for 2010”.

Sometimes you have to take risks too, don’t be afraid to post something that might be controversial or even slightly offensive. If you are well versed in the subject matter and can stand behind your post you will generate a large amount of traffic while presenting a point of view others may not have seen before. I always enjoy unique articles as opposed to copycats. On Google News try typing in something that is a hot topic right now and you will see thousands of blog and news websites all lumped together. You don’t want to be a part of that lump of similar stories. You want to stand out and do something original. A way to be both original and capitalize on trends is to think ahead. For example when Osama Bin Laden was reported dead they performed a DNA test. I guessed that people would be searching to find out how long DNA tests take and how they actually work. Sure enough, that was the next trend and if you are quick enough you can guess the way the masses are headed and post accordingly.

“The real key to steady traffic is to regularly post quality content.” -JGN

Getting Traffic to your Blog

Two of my biggest secrets aren’t really secrets at all! Facebook and Twitter as we all know have changed the way we share information with our friends, family, and co-workers. This includes news and blog articles and other thing we like online. They are great sites for social and business networking and one of the main ways I spread my content onto the internet.

Facebook Integration:

When signing up for Facebook I recommend creating a profile with your own first name and your blog name for your last name. For example I have a profile of “Jonathan Nerdtrek” to share my NERD TREK articles with. After you create and confirm your new profile on Facebook start by posting some pictures of yourself and your blog name or logo. Next search for things you like on Facebook and “like” them. For example with my Jonathan Nerdtrek profile I searched for Comic Books, Video Games, and Role-Playing Games to start. I liked those and then looked to see who else liked them. Before adding those people I talked with them a bit on Facebook through the same pages we liked and got to know them better. Then when I asked to “add” them they didn’t think of it as more spam, but a legitimate friend request. You will find that the more you talk with your potential fans the more connected you become with the content you are writing. You start to slowly gather an audience who likes the same things you do and helps encourage you to keep writing. At first you will have 5 friends, then 100, next thing you know you will reach 1000 friends! When you post an article on Facebook at this point over 200 visitors may read your article in the first few minutes. If only a few of them share it you have the potential to reach thousands of people with only one post!

Facebook Page:

Your “Facebook Page” will be different than your personal profile you just created above. Search on Facebook for “pages” and set up a new page all about your blog. Customize it just like your new profile and share that page with your friends. Encourage them to “like” it and also utilize WordPress plug-ins to integrate the new Facebook page with your actual blog. You can find all kinds of cool tools that will make it easy for people to find and add you on Facebook through your blog as well as “like” you and share articles with their friends! Make sure you keep your page up to date with new articles and if you don’t develop an automatic posting system drop URLs to new posts on your “Facebook Page” every single time you post new content!

Twitter & Tweet Adder:

Just like on Facebook, with Twitter you have the potential to acquire thousands of fans. Every time I post my message with a link to my NERD TREK article goes out to over a thousand people who then retweet the article to more friends. Before I know it, my article has hundreds of hits and I haven’t even put it on Facebook yet! As Google starts switching over to their new +1 (similar to Facebook’s “like”), Twitter will become all that more important. When you use +1, Google determines your search results based not only on what you typed in, but what your friends have been sharing or tweeting. So, the more they retweet your article the more your page will come up in their friend’s Google search results. You see where this is going… get retweeted often enough and your page just might be one of the top ranking pages on Google for a large amount of people out there. As everything turns to a viral format you need to be ready to capitalize on this new medium.

Tweet Adder

A gentleman who runs a very successful blog in England recommended this program called “Tweet Adder” to me when I first started out. Once I got the hang of it I immediately started driving large amounts of traffic to my blog with very little effort. Basically the program logs into your Twitter account and automatically searches out individuals who possess the same keywords you supply. After this it follows them and after a few days unfollows them and starts searching for new friends to add. You will be surprised how many people follow you back before your Tweet Adder program automatically unfollows them and starts search for additional people. I am well over 1,000 as of the writing of this article. I also have my blog setup so new and old posts alike are retweeted every hour or two. This creates a steady stream of traffic checking out my website and places me in a nice position in relation to Google +1 and Google Search! Check out Tweet Adder here!

Free Twitter Friend Adder Software

In addition to Tweet Adder you can add friends in a very unique way using the following steps. (Note: Please don’t share this with anyone. This is for JGN Web Development subscribers only!) First make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, next download and install the plug-in for Firefox called “Grease Monkey“. Finally click this link and it will automatically add special software to your browser that will let you go to anyone’s followers and auto-add them!

Now that you’re live on Facebook and Twitter make sure you add NERD TREK & JGN Web Development to your friends and share your stories!



Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a very complicated skill set and something that people actually attend lengthy schooling to master. Since you’re just getting started don’t worry too much about the finer details of this but make sure you are writing articles meant for search engines to parse as well as interesting titles that people will search for. For example, if you are writing an article about skateboarding don’t just call your post “Skateboarding”, call your post “Top 10 Dangerous Things about Skateboarding” or “Why Skateboarders get more chicks”. Those titles are more unique and in addition to grabbing your readers attention you will nail some unique keywords with Google with less competition which will place you higher on certain search queries. If you’re looking for additional information on SEO try reading our article “How to SEO”.

Be #1!

There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs doing the same thing you are. Why should I come to your blog? What do you provide that the others don’t? Be the authority when it comes to your niche! Ask questions, research, and post often! Become the expert in your niche so that others come to you to ask questions. When that starts happening you’ll know you’re making it!

Last few assignments for today:

Make sure you post a picture of yourself on your sidebar along with a short bio. Choose a high quality picture where you appear as professional for your niche as you can. Write a bio which is exciting and inspirational that others can relate to. Who are you really?

Have you added a nice theme yet? I wasted a lot of time in the beginning trying to cut corners and save money. Guess what? In the end I bought all the programs, got the paid themes, and the best domains and hosting. Why? Because I wasted hours and hours and even in some cases days and weeks digging around trying to find free stuff that wasn’t out there. You really do get what you pay for, so if you have yet to purchase a theme from Woothemes or Elegant Themes pay them another visit and try a free tour to poke around and see if there’s anything you like for your blog. The first thing a visitor will notice is your blog layout. It will either grab their attention or send them reeling for that back button. You want them to stick around so don’t be shy- you’ll make your money back once the traffic starts to roll in!

You have an email list all set up with an easy sign up form on your blog right? Every single person who visits your site is a potential future customer and in the coming articles we will be showing you how to give away content in trade for email addresses so you’ll need that email list. If you haven’t already signed up, make sure you sign up with AWeber or another reputable email list provider. The free lists don’t work, I tried that and they usually only run about 100 email addresses for free which you will quickly surpass. When that happens you end up having to move your entire list anyway so you might as well start out on the right foot!

Finally, make sure you utilize the blogroll which should already be set up for you in your WordPress install. That’s a place for you to list other websites you like and trade links with. Email those websites and ask them if they would like to exchange links on the blogroll. This isn’t just for your readers, the more high quality links that Google and other search engines see attached to and from your website the higher it will rank you. This also applies to Alexa and some of the other big companies out there. Also, a reminder to refuse poor incoming pingback attempts from spam websites as this will lower your ranking.

Well, I think I gave you enough information to keep you busy for awhile! Don’t worry, most of the work is nearing completion and soon you’ll just be blogging a lot like me. Typing articles in exchange for a great fan base is a lot of fun and a great way to make a living. Feel free to comment or contact me with your comments and questions and I’ll see you in Part 5 of this series! Thanks for reading!

Coming up next article…

In “Make Money Blogging – Part 5” we will take a look at adding value to your blog and creating a community!


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