Make Money Blogging – Part 1

I will show you the secrets of how I started making a living blogging online.

For those of you looking to make a quick easy buck you might as well hit that back button right now! Blogging and running your own website is a job, but if you take it seriously and write about something you enjoy and are passionate about it can be an amazing way to make a living. Wouldn’t you like to set your own hours and work when you want right at home? Nothing beats it, so if you have the passion, dedication, and willingness to spend a little bit of money and put in some hard work you too can make a living blogging online! So, without further adieu let’s get started!

Make Money Blogging – Part 1

Finding a Domain Name:

The first thing you will need is a Domain Name. For those of you unfamiliar with domain names, it is one of those .COM or .ORG URLs that you type into your web browser to visit websites. For example “” is the domain you typed in to visit our website. Choosing a domain name should not be rushed. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make regarding your website. If you choose wisely you will have an easy to remember, great domain name for many years to come. When I chose “” as my domain for my nerd blog, I literally spent an entire day typing in different domain name combos into to see if they were available before I found and decided on for my domain name. I’m glad I chose it because it’s easy to remember thanks to “STAR TREK” and is a name I can live with for many years to come (which is good since my blog has become wildly popular!)

When you start looking for a domain name make sure you stay away from long URLs. The domain is going to be a lot easier to remember than or Your domain should be something that is easy to remember, simple to type in, and 3 words or less. Stay away from the .Org, .Net, .Co and all of those domains because no one will remember them. When you go to tell someone about your website do you think they will remember if it was .Net or .Org? Probably not. That old saying “Keep it simple stupid!” rings very true when coming up with a domain name.

If you have trouble finding the exact domain you want, try experimenting with alternative names and make a list of what is available. Wait a couple hours and see which of those domains you remember without looking at the list, circle those and choose one. It might help to recruit help from a couple friends for extra feedback.

When you’re ready to purchase a domain use this link to and get a discount on your purchase while supporting us at the same time! I use GoDaddy to manage all of my domains, they are the largest domain registrar in the world and their customer service is top notch!

Hosting your Domain:

The second most important thing to consider is where you host your domain, if you have a reliable host your blog will always be open for business. If your host is poor it could go down or have horrible load times which will affect how potential readers view your site. For all of my websites I use Hostgator, it’s reliable, cheap, easy to use, and their customer service chat option is amazing. Hostgator has provided the best customer service I have ever received from any company. I once had a Hostgator customer support rep sit online with me for over an hour solving all the issues I was having with my blog until the site was fixed and running smooth again. Not only that, but the problems I was experiencing were not even Hostgator’s fault but my own! They have proven to me time and time again that they are willing to go the extra mile to make me a satisfied customer. I am satisfied and can’t say enough good things about! Use that link and get a discount on your hosting there, tell them NERD TREK and JGN Web Development sent you, they know me fairly well now. If you decide to go with a different hosting company they may not have Fantastico and WordPress which are two programs you will need for the next step. If you go with a different Hosting Provider make sure they have those two programs or you’ll be in trouble down the road.

After you have signed up for Hosting you need to tell your new domain where your address is. Think of a domain name as a large metal sign that you can move around your city or neighborhood at will. Your hosting space is your home and you want your sign to point there, so we’re now going to put the sign in the correct place so everyone who searches for our domain finds our house (hosting).

To host your domain login to your Godaddy account and click DOMAINS>MY DOMAINS and then click on your new domain name. Now click on NAMESERVERS and change the CUSTOM NAMESERVERS to the ones that Hostgator emailed to you. It will look something like this: &

Once that is done you’re ready to install your blog! This next part is exciting, it’s the birth of your new blog!

Installing your Blog:

This part is my favorite because it is the birth of a new and unique website!

The first thing you’ll want to do to install your blog is log into your Hostgator account through Cpanel. You will learn more about your Cpanel as time goes on, but for now think of Cpanel as the dashboard or behind the scenes of your new website. Go to You will see a place for your login and password, log in through here. Once logged in scroll down and look for Fantastico, click on it.

(Note: If you are having any trouble with this part please read our article “How to install WordPress” which will talk you through the install along with screen shots.)

Once you are in Fantastico you will see a list on the left hand side of the page, click on WordPress. Fill out the form and keep things simple, if you don’t know what to put leave it blank. Go ahead and install! WordPress is the software you will be using for your blog, it is used by huge blogs the world over such as the Huffington Post, Wired, Yahoo, Sony, and thousands more. You won’t find a better blogging software with a more dedicated following and customizable features out there. Best of all, it comes FREE with your Hostgator account! That’s right, free of charge! I guess paying for that domain name and hosting was worth it eh?

Once WordPress is installed you can access it by going to

Enter the username and password you set up when installing WordPress and you’ll see the dashboard of your WordPress blog. This will become a common site and is where I spend most of my work day! To add a new post click on POSTS and ADD NEW go ahead and type away and try posting. You will see your new post pop up at your domain! Congrats, it’s only day 1 and you’re already blogging!

What to do next…

Over time you will customize things so that your blog has a very unique appearance and is suitable for optimization for the search engines. We will move into themes and customization in our next article so be sure and read Make Money Blogging – Part 2 when you’re ready to continue. Congrats! You’ve already taken the first important steps on creating your own business which has the potential to lead you to financial freedom!


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