MAN OF STEEL (Book Review)


When looking at the stars, I have often wondered if we will ever find alien life in our lifetime.  The book Man of Steel with novelization done by Gregg Cox, gives this dream a vivid background.  David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan shifted the paradigm of Superman in words that have normally been saved for the loyal fans of comic books and gave it to the world in written form.

I have been asked did I see the movie before I read the book?  Yes, I did.  But what the book did was to bring clarity to a movie on items that even a diehard fan such as myself was left wondering after the movie was over.  The movie then became an even greater experience to revisit after I had read the book.  The Priest, who Clark Kent talked to before surrender to the US Military, finally had a name, the nine-foot giant that is Zod’s henchman had a twisted history, and the thoughts going through Clark’s head when he first encountered the robot on the probe ship from Krypton in the ice were now clear.

I normally like to read books before I see the movie.  With Superman I wanted to do this differently.  Comic books are visual, so wanting to see the movie first then read the text, helped to create the feeling of reading a comic book.  What the book Man of Steel added was the detail needed to understand the scope of what was happening in the life of Kal-El.  Visual expressions can only say so much.  The thoughts behind the expressions give reason and justify, even if wrong, an action or reaction.

The one item that was clumsy in the movie but was clarified in the book was how Lois Lane felt throughout the movie about Clark Kent, that is, until she would not reveal his location.  The book gave clarity to the “second date” and how Lois was mesmerized from the initial meeting, however painful it was (as heat vision, when used for surgery on any person without pain killers, would be), with Superman.

I would recommend to anyone, that reading the Man of Steel alone would be a winning experience to have a first contact with the myth that is Superman.  If you see the movie and don’t read the book so much story development is lost, questions will go unanswered.   I welcome everyone to enjoy this novel in the hope that they too can be enveloped by the mythical legend of the Man of Steel.

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