Mass Effect 3 – Why I’ve decided to cheat on my Love Interest

It was one of my most anticipated moments in the second Mass Effect game. As Female Shepard I had just saved the colony of Horizon from having all of their colonists carried off by the Collectors. As I watched the large ship leave the planet, I found myself dreading the next few seconds, knowing that I was going to find out if Kaiden, my FemShep’s love interest from Mass Effect 1, was taken or not. A part of me had hoped that he would be gone, because then I could heroically rescue him from the arms of his captors. But, as it turned out, he had remained behind, much to the irritation of the cowardly engineer who was more than happy to criticize me for not saving more of his people after he cowered in a warehouse.

The scene started with a lot of promise. There was a tender embrace and I was given the opportunity to shower Kaiden with phrases of how good it was to see him. But then… Then things went horribly wrong. Kaiden turned on me and I dare anybody to phrase it otherwise. He choose not to hear me out, to loose sight of the person I believed my FemShep to be and ultimately turned his back on me. I was furious; especially after both my other crew members namely Tali and Garrus were happy, if a bit shocked, to see me. Kaiden’s attitude hurt, a lot. And, even when he sent me that really touching letter (read out loud by Raphael Sbarge here on FanGeek) I was furious with his attitude. I had essentially chosen him over Liara in this game (and the asari had been a very tempting Love Interest) and I had expected more support from him. I could completely understand the anger in Jennifer Hale’s voice as my FemShep requested to be removed from the planet after Kaiden had turned and left. I went back to the Normandy, resolving to beat him up thoroughly the next time I see him (or go back to my Mass Effect 1 game where I romanced Liara and let Kaiden burn on Virmire).

Hell hath no fury like a red head scorned.

It came then as quite a surprise when I found myself unknowingly putting my FemShep in a situation where I could choose to romance Garrus. It was unexpected and pleasant to listen to the friendly banter between friends (both scarred in their own way) which slowly turned to something more. I’ll confess that there was no moment more satisfying when I realized that I was going to cheat on Kaiden. My reasoning wasn’t just out of revenge of course, there was something more underlying my adultery.

And of course, then there's his winning smile. (Credit: Bioware)

I liked Garrus from the first game but during that time he showed no interest in me other than to be his Commander. One can argue and say that it was because he wasn’t romantically  involved with me that made his acceptance of my resurrection easier but the truth is, even if you choose to have Kaiden as a friend rather than a love interest, he treats you pretty badly. Friends don’t turn their backs on friends and not Liara, Garrus, Wrex or Tali had treated me the same way that Kaiden did on Horizon.

So, with my Turian in hand, I’m happy to say that I can’t wait for the consequences of ‘cheating’ on Kaiden that Bioware has promised us. It will bring me nothing but pleasure to give the Sentinel the ol’cold shoulder. It’s going to be great and, if the dialogue in Mass Effect 3 is going to be what I suspect it will be, it’s going to be tense. In my opinion it’s by no means a surprise that Mass Effect 3 won the title of ‘Most Anticipated Game of 2012’ at the Spike Video Game Awards. Speaking for myself, I can say that I’ve been waiting for this title since May 2010.

Mass Effect 3 will be released to PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on the 6rd of March in North America and the 9th of March in Europe.

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