Microsoft, you owe me a new Xbox 360

Yes, you heard me Microsoft- we’re coming for you.  Like a horde of mindless zombies honing in on a fresh kill, the masses aren’t going to take it anymore.  Your stupid Kinect update for the Xbox 360 has rendered those of us with older Xboxes “console-less”.  Apparently your update not only gave a fresh and fancy new look to the Xbox 360 dashboard but also ate our DVD drives for breakfast.  In your futile war on piracy you created a little icky worm that clung to the update and then leaped into our DVD firmware once it was downloaded and installed.  This little guy is stinky, gooey, dirty, and slimy and he ruined my Xbox.  I have found many ways around your updates and even wrote an article not long ago on NERD TREK about how to remove these lame updates.  The trouble is, you can’t remove the actual new Kinect update- only downgrade to just where you installed it.  Also, many new games will not work without updates installed also aimed at piracy which also make many of our Xbox 360’s giant doorstops.

So, what I propose is this:

Microsoft allows anyone with an older white Xbox 360 to send it in for replacement, no questions asked.

Microsoft won’t even consider this as they are so short sighted they will just skirt around the problem and blame us for our consoles breaking.  I have heard such stupid excuses as “It was probably already having problems.”  “You didn’t allow adequate ventilation.”  “Your Xbox 360 was near the end of it’s life already.”  These are all excuses Microsoft, you made a poor product to begin with.  In my other articles I detail all the different ways to fix internal problems with your Xbox 360, and MAN are there a TON of problems!  You designed a poorly ventilated unit with GPUs that overheat and break the solder on the motherboard.  It happens to almost every older Xbox.  In addition to this, the DVD drive jams up, scratches discs, or stops reading games after just a few years.  If you are truly a green company why don’t you spend more time and money on research and development before you release a piece of crap console like the Xbox 360?

OK, I’m really ragging on your Microsoft… at least you have put out some decent games like the Halo and Fable series.  Oh yes, Microsoft also sells games. Microsoft makes loads of cash off their games.  If my Xbox 360 doesn’t work I won’t buy games, if I don’t buy games Microsoft won’t get their greedy hands all over my hard earned dough.

So, again Microsoft- let me restate my former proposition and add to our demands:

Microsoft allows anyone with an older white Xbox 360 to send it in for replacement, no questions asked.

If Microsoft fails to agree to this we will go out and buy a PS3 and never buy another poorly designed Microsoft product as long as we live.

That may sound pretty hardcore, but when it comes to ridiculously huge companies like Microsoft you have to make a stand or you’ll never see change.  If they fail to acknowledge us and do not care about us leaving let’s all go buy PS3s!  As far as I can tell we got the short end of the stick from Microsoft anyway.  Who needs Xbox Live for $50+ a year when you can play on the Playstation Network 24/7 for free, forever?  Plus the graphics are better, it has blu-ray, and they don’t break when you install updates!  Sony, how I have missed you.

Who’s with me?



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