Milky Way Galaxy 3007

Milky Way Galaxy 3007 is one of the most valuable tools I have found on the Internet for webmasters. Lisa gives amazing advice most of which I have been following and benefitting from since day 1. For awhile I got deep into what she talks about in many of her YouTube videos and went crazy with SEO and link optimization. What I have found over time is that people don’t relate to that and won’t want to read your content let alone link to you. Truly the best strategy is to write about topics you love and are interested in. Things that you are excited about today will translate over into this medium naturally and your readers will read your enthusiasm as it will reach out through your writing.

I guess what it comes down to is being true to yourself and never compromising for a possible SEO keyword or pingback. Google may locate your website and some nice keywords and rank you high, but over time, if no one is linking or sharing your content your rank will drop. If on the other hand your content is sound then eventually links will build and people will share your stuff on twitter and facebook, before you know it you are #1 in your field! This is what Lisa has done with where she truly gives some killer advice.

If you are interested in the simple and effective tools I have used in addition to my “content is king” strategy you can read some of my other articles listed below. Thanks for visiting, oh yes- and obviously some people do search for “Milky Way Galaxy 3007!”. Here’s a shout out to you Lisa, thanks for all the amazing and sound advice!

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