[Kickstarter] Mini-Dungeon Tome – 100+ adventures for 5E & PFRPG

Your gaming group is showing up in less than an hour and you didn’t have time to prep for this game session, you’ve got a few ideas but no time to wrangle them into a usable fashion. What now?

AAW Games / Adventureaweek.com has an answer to this problem and many more such as players going off the plot-line, the necessity for one-offs to fill gaps in between more prominent plot events, or even just PCs who want to go on a treasure hunt or short adventure outside the scope of what they’ve done thus far in their career. The solution? Mini-Dungeons. Short, 2-page, setting agnostic quests inspired by Gary Gygax’s mini-adventures from a Greyhawk boxed set released in the early 80s. When AAW Games started releasing these a couple years back they were not prepared for the incredible response from the gaming community “they’ve quickly become our most popular product!” says Jonathan G. Nelson (Owner/Publisher of AAW Games).

AAW Games has just launched a Kickstarter which wraps their existing Mini-Dungeons into one tome numbering 200 pages and packed with over 100 adventures for Pathfinder RPG or D&D 5th Edition (2 books planned for release- delivery April 2018). You can’t go wrong with stretch goals like Lou Agresta, Tim Hitchcock, Rone Barton, Brian Suskind, Ben McFarland, Thilo Graf (Endzeitgeist), Liz Courts, and many more golden authors from the RPG industry, each stretch goal reached adds another 2-page adventure to this already sizable tome.

The Mini-Dungeon Tome Kickstarter runs from September 19th, 2017 through October 16th 2017. Pledge your support and pick up the PDF or hardcover book here.

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