World’s biggest smallest airport

The biggest smallest airport in the world is located in Hamburg, Germany inside the actual Hamburg Airport.  The Knuffington is an incredibly detailed model airport which features 40 planes and 90 vehicles that autonomously move about the airport.

This model airport is the world’s largest, took 7 years to build and cost a whopping $4.8 million dollars!  The model includes a “carsystem” that moves the vehicles via computer while tiny wires make the airplanes appear to takeoff and land.  Passengers actually appear to walk around the terminals and real flashing lights and indicators really bring this gigantic tiny airport to life.  Luggage, carts, staircases and carparks are also featured in the 150 square-metre display, which also showcases a variety of planes from Airbus A380s to Cessnas.

There are approximately 40,000 lights, 15,000 figurines, 500 cars, 10,000 trees, 50 trains, 1000 wagons, 100 signals, 200 switches and 300 buildings.  You have to see it to believe it and although this video (scroll down for video) does not do it justice it will have to do until the next time you find yourself in Hamburg!

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