MMORPG for iPad

Check out this sweet looking MMORPG coming out soon for iPad!  Celtic Heroes will be the first MMORPG worth downloading for iOS and should hopefully set the bar a little higher for upcoming games.

With a game like Celtic Heroes I would finally be able to hop on for a bit at the doctor’s office or while waiting for my wife to finish getting ready.  Every little bit I put in will improve my character and be something I can look forward to on the side.  Celtic Heroes still doesn’t have a release date, but there is a beta testing you can sign up for!  If you don’t know what this is, you basically get the chance to play the game for free before it comes out.  Usually you will end up getting some type of perks in the long run by doing so like the game for free when it is released!

Here’s the info to sign up:  Beta tester applications now being accepted. To apply for a free beta test account email

Oh yes, and here’s the URL:

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