Moogle’s Corner: Sometimes old is better than new kupo!


Maybe it is just me, but tell me does this seem odd (or like you), kupo?

Lately I have been more interested in playing an old DOS (yes I said DOS kupo!!) game, Treasures of the Savage Frontier to be exact, rather then being interested in oh say the newest Final Fantasy with all its shiny graphics and fast game play.

Why is it that games in this day and age, while pretty to look at and fun to play from time to time, just don’t hold onto my attention like the old games do? I will tell you why kupo! I believe that games today just have too many gimmicks! Sure it’s nice looking but they have to keep adding more and more to it when really just comes down to ‘can the story hold my attention kupo?’ And I know not EVERYMOG is like that, but I am sure there are a few out there who could agree!

So game designers you should listen to a moogle every once and again kupo! Give me simplicity with an awesome story and I will give you my money!!

Well that’s is my rant for today folks, Mog out!

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