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Motion controls, I’ve never been a big fan of them, until I got the Socom 4 Full Deployment Edition. It’s something I’ve always equated to the gaming equivalent of training wheels, something “real” gamers would never lower themselves too. After all, my Dualshock 3 has 10 buttons if you include the analog sticks, 2 of those actually, and 4 directional buttons, so why would I ever stoop so low as to use a motion controller? Simply because the Sony Motion controller is brilliant! Unlike the “insert gag here” Wii motion controller, it works, and it’s accurate. Not to mention the Sharp Shooter! It holds the two pieces of the motion controller in an assault rifle shaped case, making the game feel more engaging as well as making aiming faster and easier. Sadly I haven’t been able to take this little beauty for a spin online since some douche bag hackers jacked up PSN. But when it is fixed, I’m going to be watching pink mist shoot from peoples heads as I pick them off. I also took it for a test drive with Killzone 3 by Guerilla Games. The speed and accuracy of the Sharp Shooter almost made the game, dare I say, easy! Getting the drop on Helghast was quick, and I rapidly decimated hordes of them. There is certainly a degree of satisfaction in watching your enemies head explode as you squeeze off a few rounds into said enemies dome piece. I think I’ll go back in and get the trophy for popping off Helghast helmets!  So consider me a convert when it comes to motion controlled games. Not the Wii or it’s crappy shovelware and little kid games (can they make anything other than rehashes of 30 year old games? Yea I’m talking to you Mario). I mean only games that have blood, guts, and an intensity that raises your blood pressure during gameplay. So please Sony! Please keep giving me more experiences like Socom 4 that take advantage of your true 1:1 motion controller!

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