NERD TREK at Steel City Con!


NERD TREK is attending the upcoming Steel City Con at the Monroeville Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA from April 11th-13th!

In addition to sanctioned gaming tournaments (for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Kaijudo), the slew of merchant tables, a prominent artist’s alley, and great photo opportunities (which include a DeLorean time machine and replica 1966 Batmobile!) there are going to be numerous celebrities in attendance!
Most importantly, Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner are among Steel City Con’s guests! Obviously, NERD TREK has a few questions to ask but if our readers are keen to know something only Commander Riker or Data can detail, we’d love to hear it!


Any and all questions submitted before April 10th will be carefully considered and likely asked before any others by our resident east coast press specialist Mike Myler. Barring better suggestions from our fans, the questions below are what NERD TREK will trouble the intrepid survivors of the U.S.S. Enterprise with:

1) When directing Star Trek: First Contact, how conscious was the decision to have James Cromwell be the first character to actually utter the phrase “Star Trek”? Was it something everyone in the cast appreciated the gravity of or did it get run over in the hustle of film production?

2) Star Trek: First Contact experienced a period where vastly different time eras were considered for the movie; why was the ultimate decision behind not using the American Civil War and Medieval Europe in the film?

3) Did any of your numerous on-screen flings land you a girlfriend? How did you on-screen relationship with Deanna Troi translate off-screen? Did the two of you ever have a thing for one another?

1) You were one of the writers for Star Trek: Nemesis. It seems like a lot of conflict surrounded the project, and the cutting floor got pretty crowded; are there any parts of the film that you consider “yours”, as it were?

2) Which cast member were you closest with? Do you still have a relationship today? What was it like being friends on and off set?

1) After the heyday of Star Trek you’ve both maintained strong acting careers; has anyone approached either of you about inclusion in the current revival of the Star Trek film franchise?

2) Obviously, Star Trek has been a huge boon to both of you, but was there ever a time where you got cold feet or an impulse to seek out other projects?

3) Are you still close with the other cast members? How often do you talk? When is the last time you all got together?


Any responses are going to be carefully recorded and re-iterated on a later post on NERD TREK, so keep an eye out the week after Steel City Con comes to an end!

If you’re in the area (and even if not!), grab up a ticket now and don’t miss out on the fun! A 3-day pass is only $25 in advance, and there’s plenty of parking at the Monroeville Convention Center; if you’re near Pittsburgh and a lover of comics, science fiction, gaming, or pop culture, there’s no good excuse for missing Steel City Con this April 11th to the 13th!

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