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In the waning days of the year two thousand and ten a blog set off to boldly go where only renowned space sanitation expert Roger Wilco (of Space Quest I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and an unreleased but heavily anticipated and later abandoned episode VII) had gone before.

Ah, Space Quest & Kings Quest. Being an old school nerd I had to reference those old Sierra adventure games when preparing an intro for my very own blog. It’s amazing how much games have changed since then, but I still miss those old challenging games where you had to figure everything out on your own. This blog will be here to ramble on about just such things. From old school video game reviews to interviews with game developers and lead game testers of newer games such as Halo Reach- we will explore the entire spectrum of the gaming universe. Reviews of new tech gadgets will soon line these pages with special discounts for our fans. We will be working with various companies to get you the best deals on tech gizmos around, so make sure you sign up on the email list over there on the right hand side of the page! There will also be reviews of movies, comic books, astrology, super heroes, mobile devices, computers, cracks, hacks, snacks, and everything else nerdy under the sun and stars.

We are currently interviewing for new blog contributors who are creative, motivated, and as nerdy as Roger Wilco, Lieutenant Barclay, and Dr. Emmett Brown (just to name a few). If this blog makes you salivate over moldy cheese or crave your vintage dialect translator, then contact us by emailing

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Jonathan G. Nelson is the editor-in-chief and owner of NERD TREK. He is also owner/publisher at AAW Games /, a tabletop gaming company based in Snoqualmie, WA. Connect with Jonathan via Facebook.