Nerds get organized: Magazine Rack & Key Hanger

What do a magazine rack and key hanger have in common?  Organization!

I have always been somewhat OCD about organizing things.  I blame my compulsions on my mother (visualize Martha Stewart if she was nice).  When I was a child I would always lose or misplace things.  My mother taught me the art of organization and from that point forward I have been somewhat insane about everything having “its place” in my home.

Now I’m married with children and life can get a little crazy.  The control I once had over the organizational structure of my home has crumbled like a house of cards.  My wife is always losing her keys or her phone and the kids… well let’s just say that sometimes it looks like a bomb went off in our house.  When things get crazy and you’re late for work the last thing you want to do it dig through piles of useless material possessions looking for your keys.  That’s where the first organizational item on my list comes into play.


Magnetter Key Hanger

I found this while browsing a couple weeks ago.  I wish I discovered this nifty little wall accessory years ago.  You drill two screws into the wall and hang it up.

Your keys magnetically adhere to the side of the hanger and are always within sight.  You also have a perfect place to store the snail mail until you have the chance to open your bills and junk mail.

Since installing the key hanger, no one in our home has lost their keys.  My wife has been on time for all meetings and all is well… except for that pile of laundry in the hallway.  (I wonder if ThinkGeek sells a robot that does laundry?)

Tips: Make sure you use a level when hanging this and don’t choose a spot directly above a light switch box or your keys will hang over your light switches.


Illuzine Magazine Rack

Who doesn’t love to read while on the toilet?  Come on, don’t turn red.  This is one of the best places for coming up with that ingenious idea or business plan!

I always end up with a pile of reading materials on the floor near the toilet.  Gross right?  I am as OCD about germs as I am about organization so this just wouldn’t do!

Luckily ThinkGeek once again came to the rescue with a large magazine rack.  This magazine rack doesn’t have slots so there’s no way dust and junk can get stuck inside.  It’s made of solid metal and holds up to 12 magazines or books!

Four screws in the wall later, and the magazine rack was mounted.  Now all my reading materials are secure, and away from the evil germ infested toilet.  Yes, I know that the toilet when flushed sprays disgusting germ molecules into the air.  That’s why you shut the toilet lid first and run when flushing, but those evil germs still escape.  Maybe ThinkGeek should sell a magazine rack with a plastic protective cover… Hmmm….

Tips:  Use a level when hanging this.  It will look crooked if you’re hanging it while sitting on the toilet lid, but this is just a perspective issue.  Trust me.  😛


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