New or Used Games: the Debate Rages On

To say I love games, is an understatement. It is no exaggeration to say I have, literally, been gaming for 30 years. Fond memories of the Intellivision still play in my head, from time to time. Obviously, times have changed since then, better graphics, better sound, better experiences. Something else that has changed, is the price of current console and PC games. They are no longer in the realm of $35. Games are routinely $59.99, fairly cost prohibitive for the majority of gamers.

Sure, the addition of “Greatest Hits” titles has eased some of the burden of cost, but you have to wait for said game to a) Be well enough to be a greatest hit and b) Wait for the publisher to allow the price drop. That’s fine if you don’t mind the waiting game. I don’t like it, so I just buy the games I want when I want them, usually. I understand that no everyone can do that, so the solution is used games. Waiting a few weeks for people to buy, play, then recycle their games for new titles. It’s great for gamers since most retailers are now in the business of reselling, bad for developers who don’t get a piece of the collective pie. People may not realize that stores like Game Stop or Best Buy that offer to buy or trade your used title for credit towards a new title pocket a tremendous amount of profit from it. While retailers average a few dollars per title new, they average 50% or more profit from used. You bring in a game than they give you $7 for, they turn around and sell it for $30. That’s capitalism for you, the only problem is the developers who sank millions into creating this game for you get stiffed. They only get a cut of the original new sale, nothing from the resale.

Here is where I have a problem with it. Why can’t they give some of that back to the devs? Gamers want bigger, better games, but how can companies pay to develop new IP without the support of gamers? How can companies tie us new games without people buying games in a way that allows them to make a profit from the last one? We can’t demand great new games without giving developers what they need to do it with, namely money. I can’t begrudge anyone getting the games they want without being able to pay full retail, but don’t complain when companies only pump out a sure thing versus taking the risk of a new franchise. That’s my two cents worth.


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