Another Noob Begins to Play W.o.W.

I have broken down and decided to play World of Warcraft.  There are many reasons why but the top 3 fall back on these tenets: un-dedicated gamers in my area, hectic work schedules of table-top gamers, and the ability to get lost in a world within a few minutes rather than waiting on schedules to synch between ALL players.

Yet, the biggest reason I have decided to play is because my wife plays.  I know, I know.  Like Felicia Day says in ‘The Guild’, “I know, a chick gamer.”  And, yes, I DO think it’s hot.  So while I can’t convince my wife to play D&D or a myriad of other table-top RPGs, I can jump online with her and go stomping around collecting items and fighting creatures on Blizzard’s massive servers.  Compared to table-top gamers, I am sure there are always a plethora of people seeking other gamers to help clear a dungeon or vanquish a creature online.  Maybe I could even form a guild of my own? =-)

Now the only thing I need are a few pointers from people that play W.o.W. on a steady basis.  Any tips you have to help me level quickly would be greatly appreciated.  As for me, I am fully prepared to deal with the side effects of W.o.W. including decreased social life and minimal exposure to the sun.

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