The Week of November 4th Movie Releases

Interesting movies to be Released in the first weekend of November.  I will be giving a thought on whether I will be watching these movies: on first showing, first day, a slow time during the first week, rental, or for free on TV.  Each level will show my interest on seeing it.  This will be a complete list of movies that are available at the theaters I frequent, not some special showing.


Week of November 4


A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011)

Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson

Stars: Kal Penn, John Cho, Neil Patrick Harris

Slow time during the first week. This movie is for when I need a good laugh.

It might be the final run for this duo, because of the length of time between remakes and the busy schedules of all involved.


 Tower Heist (2011)

Director: Brett Ratner

Stars: Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck

Opening Day. I want to see the mesh between Eddie Murphy’s comedic style and Ben Stiller’s.  Looking funny in the previews, hopefully all the funniest parts weren’t wasted in the trailers.

A story of calamity about a group of working professionals that gave their best to a ruthless Billionaire who ran a Ponzi scheme with the employee’s savings and lost it all.   Now the employee’s are out to get their money back.

The Son of No One (2011)


Director: Dito Montiel

Stars: Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Juliette Binoche

Slow time during the first week.  I want to understand how Al Pacino has a play in this move and lifts the level of this movie.

Young cop out to make the world just a little better place.  Problem, he is assigned in a precinct that has a secret that threatens his family’s life and his.

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